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The Best King Grouper Fish Soup ® 
From Farm-To-Table



Story of King Grouper Fish Soup ®

We have been in the business of giant grouper production and distribution for around 20 years, distributing 100-200 tonnes of high-quality giant groupers to Hong Kong and China yearly. Our team operates from our own fish farm in Changi. We have extensive central kitchen capabilities led by Ah Hwee, while the front-end F&B operations are orchestrated by Mr. Kenny Cheong. To supply high-quality premium giant groupers, we grow our fish from broodstock to maturity in our 1-hectare fish farm, making us the true blue farm-to-table concept operator. We believe in making our great quality fish available to everyone, and we have established 30 outlets all around Singapore (and still growing)! Come visit us here

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Premium Fish

For such a premium fish to be served farm-to-table-fresh to you everyday, the team sets out to catch the fishes before dawn. Within a short span of 5 hours, the fishes were caught, weighted, and processed for distribution on a day to day basis. Not only that is impressive, the mere fact that Ah Hwee makes this delicacy available in coffee shops and hawker centres is a feat on its own. “... so more people can try it… And we’re told restaurant prices for giant groupers can range from $50 to $100 per kg…” says Ah Hwee. With such great value, it's not hard to stay tuned for what is to come from the King Grouper Fish Soup family! Sign up here for our future updates.

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Our Processing Factory

Our fish are specially processed in a controlled temperature rooms in our factory to ensure freshness. Every slices are prepared according to the specification. The factory is maintained at the most suitable temperature for keeping our products until they are sent to the outlets to be cooked and served.

To serve the freshest food to our customers, our raw fish are readily prepared and delivered to all outlets daily by our chiller truck where the temperature is controlled.


Giant Groupers

Giant groupers (龙趸, lóng, dǔn) is a highly praised fish by affluent Hong Kongers, who is known to be one of the best connoisseurs of seafood. It is used commonly in Cantonese seafood restaurants for its high-quality firm and bouncy flesh - rich in collagen, and chewy skin that makes you want more. These fish can grow up to 3m in length and a few hundred kg and is one of the largest of its species. Ah Hwee has spent the last 20 years rearing and distributing this premium fish, and he knows all about the fish. Even the way to sun the net has been readily adopted by his team. Hear about it in this video.


Our Recommendation

Try our groupers now with the soup made from simmering giant grouper fish heads, mackerel bones and vegetables for three hours! High quality fish soup made available to you starting from $6.50. Also available: Sliced Batang Fish Soup Fried Mackerel Fish Soup Mixed Fish Soup Red Grouper Fish Soup Mixed Seafood Soup Options to add steamed white rice, thick or thin bee hoon, mee sua or crispy noodles.

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Teochew Style Red Grouper

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Teochew Style Grouper Fish Head

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Sliced Grouper Fish Soup

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